What if what we use and
wear can change the world?

Tri Mission

Indonesia forest keeps burning, which burns more than 328,724 hectares every year alone. The last major haze crisis happened in 2015, which destroyed Indonesia’s natural habitat and released a large amount of carbon and pollution. On the other hand, Indonesia's textile industry is ranked second in contributing to water pollution. This issue inspired us to make a change and do better.

Every product sold, you help us protect our beloved Indonesian forest and restore our planet’s biodiversity. You also fund our goal of running ethical production and supporting local artisans by giving a better work environment. 

We offer a variety of environmentally friendly product variants made from used bed linen to reduce fabric waste and promote conscious consumption. Our product design is proof that the fashion industry can make a better change and make planet earth with more trees.  Therefore, we invite you to be a part of this mission.

Triangle of TRI

A product that is just beautiful is out of date. A product should have a meaning not only for itself but also for the environment and the community around it. Every time you choose Tri Upcycle, you have successfully created a better change across the Indonesian community.

This is how we create a change:

These are small steps we have taken to ensure that we do not give our children a world beyond repair. and now it is your turn to contribute

If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?