• 3 Ways to Style Your Tri Bandana

    June 28, 2021
    3 Ways to Style Your Tri Bandana image

    Have you ever struggled to style your OOTD with Tri Bandana? Don’t worry Trimin will share 3 ways to style your Tri Bandana for a variety of occasions.

    • Classic Headband 

    This is the classic style when wearing a bandana and I think you know this already. This is the easiest way to style your hair with Tri Bandana and I think most people love this style too. You can take this style for various occasions such as hanging out with friends, picnicking, and going to the beach. You can create this style by tying your Tri Bandana at the ends and place it over your head, don’t forget to tie it at the back of your head.

    • Ponytail Prom Queen

    Do you love to have a ponytail in your hair-dos option? If the answer is yes, it is time to upgrade your classic ponytail by using Tri Bandana to add some freshness. You can simply tie your ponytail with Tri Bandana to create a friendly look. This look is perfect for several events such as dates, home parties, and window shopping.

    • Neck Scarf

    Are you bored styling your neck area only with the necklace? Let’s try to use Tri Bandana to give a new look to your OOTD. There are two styles that you can get by using Tri Bandana, namely: 

    First is the bowtie look, it can be a fun alternative if you want to have a boyish look for everyday wear. You just simply tying Tri Bandana around your neck and create a bowtie style afterward. This also creates Parisian vibes in your OOTD 

    Second is the turtle neck look by folding the Tri bandana to a headband and tie it around your neck area tightly, same as a choker style. This can add up the statement of your neck and perfectly use on a casual occasion 



  • Swap Party x Slow Fashion Bali

    June 21, 2021

    Do you know that the global fashion industry produced around 2.1 billion tonnes of GHG emissions in 2018, equalling 4% of the worldwide total?  The fashion industry is projected to use 35% more land for fibre production by 2030- an extra 115 million hectares that could be left to preserve biodiversity. Surprising, right? It is not just a problem of any actors in the fashion industry, but we are all here. One of the simple steps that we can do is donate your unused clothes or swap your clothes at a swap shop or swap party. 

    Last month Tri Upcycle collaborated with Slow Fashion Bali to open a Swap Party as participation in the Fashion Revolution campaign. The Party is held at Geo Space Bali on Saturday, 1st May 2021. Several sub-events enliven our Swap Party, such as #BringTheOldDays campaign, clothes donation, Sashiko workshop, and DIY clothes painting workshop. Here are some moments at Swap Party:

     Swap Party Venue

    Swap Party Activity

     Swap Party Activities

    Painting Workshop

     Painting Workshop 

    Trimin is very happy that the Swap Party can run smoothly and helps your preloved clothes get a new owner. We have managed to exchange 459 clothes that bring happiness to you and your preloved clothes. One last word, Trimin wants to say thank you to Slow Fashion Bali and all volunteers who work hard wholeheartedly, and all Tribes who participated enthusiastically.

    Swap Party Volunteer

    Swap Party Volunteer

    Stay tuned on our social media to be the first ones that know our future Swap Party! If you want to have a collaborative event with us, we are just one email away:

  • How To Take Care of Tri Product

    June 15, 2021
    How To Take Care of Tri Product image

    Every Tri Product is made from retired bed linen with different textures and patterns. To make sure your Tri are long-lasting and remain new, there are several tips that you can do at home: 

    Wash by hand 

    We recommend gently hand wash your Tri with mild detergent and cold water to maintain the colour and fabric quality. The cold water helps keep the natural colour from bleeding out. You can soak it for 10-15 minutes and max 30 minutes so that the fabric remains the same. After that, you can rinse it until the excess water is clean (rinse 3 times)

    Don’t Mix with Different Colour 

    You can wash your Tri with other wearable items that have the same colour to avoid colour friction. This could save your time and money because you ensure your Tri is clean as it should be in the first place.

    Do not bleach

    Please do not bleach your Tri unless you want to upgrade your old Tri by renewing them with bleach and change the colour.

    Dry under the sunlight, but not too long

    After you finish washing your Tri, it’s time to dry it. We recommend drying your Tri on the laundry rack under the sun; with some wind, it will dry naturally. But remember to not put it too long under the sun as it could make the color fades.

    Iron gently 

    Iron your Tri inside-out and use the cotton/linen setting to maintain the colour and fabric quality. Don’t forget to spray your Tri with a bit of water or fragrance to smoothen the iron process

    Wash it frequently

    After 1 week of use, you have to wash it to keep it clean and optimally protect the product, especially your health. Wash more often for more frequent usage. 

    That’s all the tips for you. If you still have a question about this, feel free to contact us by email at


  • Why is Tree Important? A Tree Behind Your Tri Purchase

    June 10, 2021
    Why is Tree Important? A Tree Behind Your Tri Purchase image

    Have you questioned why we have to protect the Tree? Why is everyone worried about the haze of Kalimantan Forest that happened in 2015, and everyone is very concerned about reforestation? 

    Yes, the answer is because trees have enormous benefit and importance for our life. Nowadays, their values are more crucial and increasing due to every biodiversity on the Earth. Here’s 3 reason why you have to protect the Tree:

    1. Element of Earth 

    The Tree plays an essential role as a water cycle tool to collect, absorb, and transfer the rainwater into clean water and clear air as transpiration. Every day one Tree could release 200-450 gallons of clean water that are drinkable. Furthermore, one Tree can provide oxygen for 4 people by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air through the photosynthesis process, lightening pollution. Additionally, the Tree’s root could transfer all the nutrition to the soil in numerous ways that increase the soil quality and nourish their texture. This could prevent the potential of erosion and flood, which caused by the lack of soil resistance and absorption to water pressure in the rainy season.  

    1. Health

    Living in an area full of trees and more green space can increase your self-esteem and allergy reduction because it helps your body reduce stress hormones (IEEP, 2017). If you are an urban person who has a hectic schedule, it is very recommended to visit some of the green space areas near you. Additionally, Muir and Shepherd, 2012 discover that the areas with trees can boost your creativity in problem-solving in a natural setting. 

    1. Home

    Do you know that a tree is a home for all biodiversity on Earth? Yes, one branch can be a home for dozens of species such as fungi, birds, insects, reptiles, worms, and other smaller plants. The tree collection can create a beneficial environment that creates a complex ecosystem for all types of species. That’s why it is crucial to protect the Tree, a place for the kinds of animals and plants that exist and depend on all tree components.

    Here in Tri Upcycle, with every product sold, you help us protect our beloved Indonesia forest and restore our planet’s biodiversity. You will also fund our goal of running ethical production and supporting local artisan by giving a better work environment. If you are interested in our product, you can check it here.

  • How to be a Conscious Consumer on a Budget

    June 8, 2021
    How to be a Conscious Consumer on a Budget image

    When hearing the word “conscious consumption”, most of you think it has the same meaning as sustainability and social responsibility. However, they have different terminology and measured definitions. Conscious consumption has 3 main key terms: buy/buycott, positive purchasing, and purpose. It is the movement when you are consciously aware of what you buy to create a positive impact not only for you but also for all factors behind and after the product line. 

    Who is a conscious consumer?

    Everyone could be a conscious consumer, and YOU can be one of them. A conscious consumer always considers 3 things before they purchase a product: 

    1. Is it worth it and safe to buy for me?

    2. Is it harming the planet and respecting all the producers? 

    3. How does the product positively impact society?

    They want to be one of the solutions and seek transparency from the brand. Most of the companies overproduce without concerning both workers and environmental aspects. This led to the issue of underpaid labour, toxic waste, and climate change. We as a consumer have the power to change this (ecosystem) through the choice that we make when buying a product that matches our values. 

    Once you begin to educate yourself on conscious consumerism, you will begin to understand how the cheapest price is rarely the fair one - Grebekah Hilderbrandt

    How to be a conscious consumer

    “ I’m planning to try to be a conscious consumer; how do I start? Does it require a lot of money? “

    Trimin gets those questions quite often when I encourage my relatives or friend to be conscious consumer. Ok, First of all, being a conscious consumer is not about perfection. There is no strict rule or guideline that you have to follow, and you can start it with a small step while doing what you do in daily life. Let’s discover 5 things you can to start being a conscious consumer!

    1. Check your daily consumption and shopping list 

    Review your weekly/monthly expenses in your shopping list or bank statement to discover which brand you regularly shop for and search the product brand you buy. You can start checking your favourite brand on Good On You to see the company product details such as labour conditions, material sourcing, and waste management. Additionally, you can re-adjust your shopping list that focuses only on the product you need rather than a want. Trimin has a tip for you; you can buy a product that you need for 80% and the rest for your psychological needs (e.g buy a cute spoon to boost your mood). 

    1. Read the label

    Start to check the label and ingredients of every product you are going to buy. You have to be careful with the terms “natural or safe” because it doesn’t guarantee that the company produces the product safely for the environment. You can check deeper your product brand detail on their website or B Lab’s directory to browse green-certified companies. 

    1. Buy for quality and Shop Secondhand

    When we see a cheap product on the market, our mindset often changes and as a human we instinctively love to search for the lowest price. I am not saying you can’t buy a cheap product; however, you have to determine its quality. You have to make sure that the product is long-lasting and timeless so you can minimize your waste by not buying a product quite often. 

    Secondly, buy secondhand. In this era, thrifting is becoming a new trend that creates a positive impact on the environment. If you buy a secondhand t-shirt, you have successfully saved 2700 litre (WWF, 2017), isn’t it amazing? You can also save your money because usually, the secondhand product is a lot cheaper compared to the new. So what are you waiting for? Start shop secondhand now!

    1. Ask questions

    Always be curious before you buy something, either a food or a fashion item. The three questions above are the example, or you can start examining these 3 things:

    1. Do I really need this? Do I have this at home?

    2. Can I borrow/rent it?

    3. Is there any pre-loved / eco-friendly option available?

    By questioning these three aspects, you will begin to understand how a product can contribute a different impact not only on yourself but also on the environment.

    1. Support Conscious Brand

    Who’s here loves to shop at small/local stores over the big corporation? Trimin sure that you at least have purchased a product from a local store. It’s a plus point for you!!

    Do you know that shopping for small businesses is likely to implement sustainable practices? Yes, they are. They tend to produce small quantities of products that use less energy and resources, which means less pollution and waste.

    Trimin encourages you to support a local business and a specific brand that is conscious about its impact. For example, here in Tri Upcycle, we are concerned about the environmental issue that we created as a fashion brand. Therefore, we are trying to minimize the waste that we produce and focus on what value we can give to you, our stakeholders, and the environment. We make our product with unused bed linen from various Bali hotels, and we plant a tree from one product sold. If you are curious about our product, please check this link. 

    Once you start to educate yourself on conscious consumption, you will begin to realize how much gratitude you have shared for yourself, society, and the environment. It’s not easy to start all the 5 steps at once, but you may begin it with small steps. Remember, either big or small things you do can create a difference.


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