3 Ways to Style Your Tri Bandana

June 28, 2021
3 Ways to Style Your Tri Bandana image

Have you ever struggled to style your OOTD with Tri Bandana? Don’t worry Trimin will share 3 ways to style your Tri Bandana for a variety of occasions.

  • Classic Headband 

This is the classic style when wearing a bandana and I think you know this already. This is the easiest way to style your hair with Tri Bandana and I think most people love this style too. You can take this style for various occasions such as hanging out with friends, picnicking, and going to the beach. You can create this style by tying your Tri Bandana at the ends and place it over your head, don’t forget to tie it at the back of your head.

  • Ponytail Prom Queen

Do you love to have a ponytail in your hair-dos option? If the answer is yes, it is time to upgrade your classic ponytail by using Tri Bandana to add some freshness. You can simply tie your ponytail with Tri Bandana to create a friendly look. This look is perfect for several events such as dates, home parties, and window shopping.

  • Neck Scarf

Are you bored styling your neck area only with the necklace? Let’s try to use Tri Bandana to give a new look to your OOTD. There are two styles that you can get by using Tri Bandana, namely: 

First is the bowtie look, it can be a fun alternative if you want to have a boyish look for everyday wear. You just simply tying Tri Bandana around your neck and create a bowtie style afterward. This also creates Parisian vibes in your OOTD 

Second is the turtle neck look by folding the Tri bandana to a headband and tie it around your neck area tightly, same as a choker style. This can add up the statement of your neck and perfectly use on a casual occasion