Swap Party x Slow Fashion Bali

June 21, 2021

Do you know that the global fashion industry produced around 2.1 billion tonnes of GHG emissions in 2018, equalling 4% of the worldwide total?  The fashion industry is projected to use 35% more land for fibre production by 2030- an extra 115 million hectares that could be left to preserve biodiversity. Surprising, right? It is not just a problem of any actors in the fashion industry, but we are all here. One of the simple steps that we can do is donate your unused clothes or swap your clothes at a swap shop or swap party. 

Last month Tri Upcycle collaborated with Slow Fashion Bali to open a Swap Party as participation in the Fashion Revolution campaign. The Party is held at Geo Space Bali on Saturday, 1st May 2021. Several sub-events enliven our Swap Party, such as #BringTheOldDays campaign, clothes donation, Sashiko workshop, and DIY clothes painting workshop. Here are some moments at Swap Party:

 Swap Party Venue

Swap Party Activity

 Swap Party Activities

Painting Workshop

 Painting Workshop 

Trimin is very happy that the Swap Party can run smoothly and helps your preloved clothes get a new owner. We have managed to exchange 459 clothes that bring happiness to you and your preloved clothes. One last word, Trimin wants to say thank you to Slow Fashion Bali and all volunteers who work hard wholeheartedly, and all Tribes who participated enthusiastically.

Swap Party Volunteer

Swap Party Volunteer

Stay tuned on our social media to be the first ones that know our future Swap Party! If you want to have a collaborative event with us, we are just one email away: