Sustainable Community in Today’s World

September 24, 2021

Throw back to  23 July 2021,  we were invited to participate in BV C&E-Talk by Bukit Vista with the theme of “Sustainable Community in Today’s World”. Bukit Vista is a property management startup that provides hospitality services for villas, apartments and homestays in Bali and Yogyakarta. Accompanied by other professional speakers from the R.O.L.E. Foundation, Piet Van Zyl (Sustainability Advisor), Annisa Fauziah from Tri Upcycle, we share previous experiences and knowledge of sustainability and empower the audience to become more aware of environmental issues. 

We are interested in participating in this event because we desire to inspire many people to follow our mission to encourage people, especially the young generation, to be aware of conscious consumerism and make a greener planet by planting more trees. Also, we realize that Bukit Vista and Tri Upcycle have similar target markets, which are entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. It provides new opportunities to inspire every actor in the hospitality industry to implement sustainable hospitality, for example, donating their retired bed linens to Tri Upcycle. 

During the session, we have discovered several different topics starting from organization funds to the impact of COVID19. Regarding the competition to get the funding to sustain the business, Anissa encourages people to see competition as an excellent way to push people to be innovative in creating unique products and ask the competitor to collaborate, which resulted in more powerful impacts. Piet also agrees that we don’t really need to fight if we have a similar goal because there are still many issues that we should tackle together. Every organization has a specific niche market to focus on. 

Regarding the COVID19 issues, we face similar impacts with R.O.L.E. Foundation, which makes us unable to operate the business and distribute the social mission for all the beneficiaries. However, we both agree that COVID19 provided the environment to recover from several pollutants such as reducing travel carbon emissions, single-used plastics, and climate change. Additionally, it also provides us with the opportunity to step back and be innovative to survive this pandemic by pivoting several aspects. For example, Tri Upcycle changes the target market to the local young generation, and R.O.L.E. Foundation changes the support activities by making Jammu and recycles the paper waste. 

Encouraging local people to be aware of environmental issues is not an easy job because Indonesians are still at a very low-eco-conscious level toward the environment. They still have another basic need to be fully filled. That’s why Annisa loves to encourage the local communities with a fun approach, such as creating the swap party and upcycling workshop. On the other hand, Piet has a different approach by directly showing how to save the environment in daily life to the local communities, such as composting organic waste. 

BV C&E-Talk Participants

We hope that participating in this B.V. &E-Talk Event by Bukit Vista can inspire more people to become conscious consumers and start making small changes that automatically create an impact. We hope that people are more aware of the environmental issues, especially in the fabric waste and hospitality industry. We believe that we still have a long journey to follow and create a better chance. Let’s work together to create a beautiful place to live that’s not only for us but also for our next generations because “If not us, then who?”