Benih - Christmas Hampers

IDR 168,000.00
Benih - Christmas Hampers 20 20
Start your Christmas journey like the seed impatiently begin the new life in the world. You need to wait to discover what is hidden inside and what type of plant will be grown from this particular seed. This hamper not only shares love to yourself and your loved ones but also spreads hope and joy for your Christmas day. 

What’s Included? 
  • 1 Mask of the Forest (Green/White/Black/Cream)
  • 1 Tempe Protein Ball 50gr
  • 1 Royal Tea/Turmeric Latte/Ginger Powder 50 gr
  • Hampers Box with Natural Flower
  • Christmas Card (Let us know what you want to write)

Tree planted
1 Tree in Bukit Puntong Sumiak, West Kalimantan

If you want to have more or less from the box, don’t worry because now the choice is yours!! Customize your box and choose what you want to have in your Christmas gift. Send us a message about to one of our contact detail. We can’t wait to have a Christmas conversation about your ideas! 

Let’s enjoy your precious moments and grasp the Christmas ambience in your life. Have a lovely Tri Christmas 

Contact Details: 
WhatsApp: +3197023337647
Instagram: @triupcycle