Orangutan Bandana

IDR 120,000.00
Orangutan Bandana 2 2

“Owing gracefully through a tree” Orangutan loves to play by brachiating with their fellow friends. We invite you to enjoy each activity you do as orangutans take pleasure in swing from branch to branch. We deliver new energy through this edition so you will be enthusiastic about doing your daily schedule as Orangutan excited to play in the forest.

Tri Specification: 

  • Size : 53 cm x 53 cm / 20,8 inch x 20,8 inch
  • Our signature material is from retired bed linens from various hotels and other businesses across Bali.
  • Our packaging is plastic free which is made from recycled paper boards. 
  • All processes from designing and packaging are based in Bali, Indonesia 
  • 30% of our profit will be donated to Lindungi Hutan to plant trees in  the forests of Indonesia

For every Tri Upcycle product you purchase, YOU plant one tree in Indonesia Forest. Thank you for being part of our movement (#TRIforTree)

“Together we stand for the forest”
Note: Our bandanas are made from retired bed linens from different villas and hotels in Bali, this may cause material differences between the bandana you will receive and the product photo show.