Pohon- Christmas Hampers

IDR 496,000.00
Pohon- Christmas Hampers 15 15

It’s time to cheer up and share all one-year collected joy with family and friends! As trees grow up with all functional capabilities, they are ready to share their own treasure for all creatures on Earth, such as oxygen, home, food, and many more. Through Pohon send your grat(ri)tude to someone special and celebrate the holiday with its Christmas treats. 

What’s Included? 
  • 2 Mask of the Forest (Green/White/Black/Cream)
  • 1 Tri Bandana (pick anything you like)
  • 1 Tempe Protein Ball 50gr
  • 1 Tempe Cookies Salty Chocolate 110gr
  • 1 Tempe Chips 65gr (Original/Barbeque)
  • 1 Royal Tea 50gr
  • 1 Turmeric Latte 50gr
  • 1 Ginger Powder 50gr
  • Hampers Box with Natural Flower
  • Christmas Card (Let us know what you want to write)

Tree planted
4 Tree in Bukit Puntong Sumiak, West Kalimantan

If you want to have more or less from the box, don’t worry because now the choice is yours!! Customize your box and choose what you want to have in your Christmas gift. Send us a message about to one of our contact detail. We can’t wait to have a Christmas conversation about your ideas! 

Let’s enjoy your precious moments and grasp the Christmas ambience in your life. Have a lovely Tri Christmas 

Contact Details: 
WhatsApp: +3197023337647
Email: triupcycle@gmail.com
Instagram: @triupcycle 

Please state your colour choice for the Mask of the Forest in the detail order before check out your order.