Bali Biodiversity Tote Bag

IDR 150,000.00
Bali Biodiversity Tote Bag 96 96

“We're Part of the Solution". The idea behind this is biodiversity as the foundation of nature-based solutions to climate, health issues, sustainable livelihoods, food and water security. That's why it is a correlation when biodiversity has a problem; humanity has it too. 

The design represents the variety of creatures in Bali Island that create their own specific attractions. As Palemahan philosophy encourages us to have a good relationship between a people and nature. As nature provides a luxurious benefit, let's preserve our biodiversity together by plant a tree in return. Designed by Meizal Rossi. 

Tri Specification: 

  • Size : 36 cm x 42,5 cm / 14 inch x 16,7 inch
  • There is a multifunctional pocket inside the bag that can be used as a bag wrapper
  • Our signature material is from retired bed linens from various hotels and other businesses across Bali.
  • Our packaging is plastic free which is made from recycled paper boards. 
  • All process from designing until  packaging is based in Bali, Indonesia 
  • 30% of our profit will be donated to  Lindungi Hutan to plant trees in  the forests of Indonesia

For every Tri Upcycle product you purchase, YOU plant one tree in Indonesia Forest. Thank you for being part of our movement (#TRIforTree)

“Together we stand for the forest”

 Note: Our products are made from retired bed linens from different villas and hotels in Bali, this may cause material differences between the product you will receive and the product photo show.