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“Food is Memories” Food always comforts us when we are sad or happy. Through food, a relationship will more be attached and loving. Tri Talenan provides an opportunity to make a lovely meal for the special one.

The material is reclaimed and upcycled ironwood, one of the strongest and most durable types of wood in the world. The more often it is exposed to water the stronger it will be, just like iron. Whenever you chop a dish, it will produce a strong and heartwarming taste.

Tri Specification: 
  • Size : W 30 x W 18.5 x H 2 cm
  • Our signature material is retired ironwood from buildings in Kalimantan
  • Our packaging is plastic free which is made from recycled paper boards. 
  • All process from designing until packaging is based in Bali, Indonesia 
  • 30% of our profit will be donated to  Lindungi Hutan to plant trees in  the forests of Indonesia
For every Tri Upcycle product you purchase, YOU plant one tree in Indonesia Forest. Thank you for being part of our movement (#TRIforTree)

“Together we stand for the forest”