Tudung Hat x TOPIKU

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“Be who you are and express how you feel '' Through this “Tudung '' edition we invite you to express all ideas in your head and turn them into reality. Let’s start to create your own crown with your imagination with the help of Tudung Hat. This product is a collaboration with TopiKu.

 Product Specification: 

  • Adjustable strap 

  • The signature material is from retired Batik and Brim that upcycle ethically. 

  • Our packaging is plastic free which is made from recycled paper boards. 

  • Handcrafted by TopiKu’s artisans in Desa Rahayu, Cigondewah, Indonesia

  • 30% of our profit will be donated to Lindungi Hutan to plant trees in the forests of Indonesia

For every Tri Upcycle product you purchase, YOU plant one tree in Indonesia Forest. Thank you for creating a better change with us (#TRIforTree)

“Together we stand for the forest”